Breakfast with Audrey - Planning the Perfect Picnic

With picnic's being one of the many highlights of the Festival of Racing, we thought we'd put together some of the best picnic thoughts from the fabulous Breakfast with Audrey.


Racing season, is undoubtably one of the best times of the year.

Set amongst the exciting backdrop of high-stakes races and potential windfalls, there is too much to love.

However, with so much glamour on the radar it's easy to get swept up in the tizz and froth of the occasion, and overlook all of the other important things (such what you're going to eat and drink once you get there!)

This year, one of the chicest things to do is take your own picnic hamper to the track. Yes! With a little planning (nothing too crazy I promise) you can get even more out of raceday spent track-side than you ever thought possible.

So, equip yourself with a hamper filled with your favourite delicacies and round up your gang.
I've prepared a quick checklist of the essentials you'll need to pack the perfect picnic:

1. Your Hamper

2. Picnic Blanket

3. Glassware

4. Food - Appetisers, Filling Food, Sweets

5. Drinks

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