Girls Day Out at the Festival of Racing

I love the races and this time of year is no exception, with the Festival of Racing about to kick into full swing. Check out below a fun little itinerary detailing the perfect girl's day at the races, from when you wake in the morning to finally kicking up those feet after a big day out!

8:00am - This is your wake-up call! A day of fun at the Festival of Racing with your girlfriends has arrived! Maybe you have stayed at a central hotel to extend the party? Either way just wake up slowly, put on your robe and enjoy a coffee.

9am - Tame that bed hair, your hair appointment awaits you! Go with a fresh bouncy blow wave that will give your daytime look a relaxed yet glam feel, and remember for the Festival of Racing, headwear is optional. Hair down will also be suitable to don on a boater or a floppy hat.

10:30am - Your hair has gone from a mess to success and it's time to make your face! Apply your make–up, start with some SPF as you will be out and about on the track all day and no one like to come home with a red nose! A warm smoky eye and soft cheeks is a soft option or perhaps a bold lip and toned back eyes might be playful to compliment your day-dress outfit?

11:00am - The girls will arrive shortly, chill that champagne and set up some yummy treats to enjoy, energy for the big day ahead. Some croissants with jam, fresh fruit, small toast squares with avocado and pomegranates would go down a treat!

11:15am - Your girls are enjoying your lovely hospitality; you do a fashion parade for them to help select between a pastel silk wrap dress or a floral bell sleeve mini dress. the consensus is unanimous, wrap dress it is!

12:00pm - Off to the race track, the atmosphere is buzzing, everyone is happy, excited and ready for a great day at one of Victoria’s finest Festival of Racing days. It has been several months between race meets, you started to get a little home-sick from this place, and wondered why you haven’t been along to a midyear race event before now?!

As you walk through the relaxed crowd, you admire the families with cute children all dressed up, you walk between friends chilling out on their picnic rugs with a basket full of gourmet food offerings and you make your way to your exclusive area where you will be spending the day (such as the Ladbrokes Blue Diamonds Stakes Day ‘The Veuve Clicquot Lawn’ or The Terrace Restaurant- Cocktail Package on Black Caviar, The Great Horse Raceday.)

2:00pm - You leave your prime position to do a few social laps, find other friends, meet new friends and discover the entertainment scattered around the track, oh, and it is definitely time to watch a horse race from the rails!

2:30pm - Place your bets for the feature race of the day!

4:00pm - Get amongst the atmosphere and watch the feature race of the day near the winning post. Your day out at the Festival of Racing is almost over, so take some time to soak up the atmosphere and appreciate how spectacular this premier sporting and social event is.

5:30pm - What a day! It is always wise to end on a high, why not finish the day off with dinner nearby? Dinner is a great way to unwind, and re-cap on the fun you had during the day. and you're sure to have built up an appetite by now!

7:30pm - Plan your next girls day out at one of the upcoming Festival of Racing events over one last red wine.

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