Ultimate Fashion Guide: the Shoe Edit

The race day you’ve been so eagerly waiting for is right around the corner and you’re trying to decide which footwear to wear finish off your well-planned outfit.

Don’t let an amazing time at the Festival of Racing come to a bitter end when you realise that your feet are covered in painful blisters from the stiff leather shoes that you just bought yesterday, yet to be worn in, or the bold six-inch heels that you never really get a chance to show off.

If there’s one vital thing to remember when it comes to choosing the perfect shoes for a day at the races, it’s that comfort always comes first.​​

We’ve got your back with these tips to ensure that your race ready ensemble exudes style as you comfortably trot around trackside. 


The Festival of Racing boasts the unique experience of relaxed racing style, so it’s the perfect oppurtuinty to go with the open toe wedges rather than the strappy stilettos.

Our personal favourites this season are block heels and strappy closed-toe flats. They are super chic, go well with almost any outfit, and won’t have you feeling like you’re doing a balancing act on a tightrope the entire day.

Nude-coloured block heels are great and practical if you are rocking a bold outfit or accessories. However, if you want a ‘straight off the runway’ look, having a contrasted perspex heel is the perfect way to make a subtle statement without it clashing with the rest of your outfit.

Strappy flats are the best option for a relaxed day at the races. They are the perfect balance between smart and casual as they add a little bit of sophistication to comfort. Whether they are rounded or pointy, both styles are extremely versatile. With a great pair of strappy flats, you’ll be turning heads as you whip out the picnic blanket and prepare for the raceday excitement.

If you opt for risky materials such as suede or whites, be sure to spray them beforehand with a liquid-proof shoe protectant so you can focus on the day ahead!


It may seem that men have it easier with the limited options available in footwear when compared to the ladies. However, that makes it all the more important when it comes to choosing the optimal shoe for the occasion.

Gents, this is your time to dress in style without needing to dress up (too much). Get preppy with some well-thought out boat shoes that go perfectly with your attire.

Bring Europe’s street style trends to the races with some tan-coloured boat shoes or, if you want to go bold, opt for darker colours with contrasted stitching for a comfortable high fashion look.

Tanned polished leather Brogues look great paired with neutral-coloured socks and longer pants with a rolled up hem. The texture of the Brogues are statement enough and leave you with little worry about how you should style the rest of your outfit. The simpler the better!

Dressing for the races has never been so easy this year at the Festival of Racing where relaxed is the keyword to all your styling queries. Remember to show off your fancy footwork(wear) by tagging #FestivalOfRacing.